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10-point guide to reducing primary chilling weight losses with humidification

Evaporative weight losses from carcasses during primary chilling can account for between 1.5-3% of total product weight. This has a significant impact on product yield and the profitability of an abattoir operation.

Cold store humidity has been widely accepted as having a great impact on evaporative losses but managing humidity levels in such a cold environment is complex, especially given EU directives on spray chilling.

As a global leader in humidification technology and expertise, Condair has developed a humidification strategy that successfully manages the air humidity within a primary chilling area. By maintaining a high air humidity with this system, evaporative losses can be reduced to 1%.

This document presents an introductory 10-point guide for abattoir managers on how to correctly humidify a primary chilling operation.

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Reduce primary chilling weight loss

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