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As well as a comprehensive range of products, Condair provides to consulting engineers, contractors and installers, support and expert assistance before, during and after a humidification or evaporative cooling project. Condair offers more than just manufacture and supply.

Condair provides a service you can trust.

Condair h,x-Calculator


Condair h,x-Calculator

The h,x Calculator from Condair is a free app for calculating air conditions and the corresponding humidification or heating required. The generally complex air humidity calculations can be performed extremely accurately and simply, which means that a range of scenarios can be assessed quickly and straightforwardly.

From the front end overview, the design planner can choose between isothermal or adiabatic systems, and enter target or initial values. All the key thermodynamic results are shown interactively in the form of numerical values and a diagram. It is even quicker with the scroll bar that opens automatically when the input box is touched for a prolonged period of time.

To provide exact calculations, the air pressure at the site of the property and the height above sea level must also be taken into account. With the Condair calculator, this can be set in increments of 100 meters.

E-mail & Air-Print

The Condair h,x Calculator can send the results of a calculation by e-mail or print them out directly with the help of an air print printer.

Free of Charge

Condair naturally provides the h,x Calculator as a free utility. Simply press on this link on your iPad and you will be taken directly to the App Store to download the app.


Humidifier specification


Experienced sales engineers will work with you and the wider project team to ensure the most appropriate products are recommended, based upon your project’s needs. 

This can take into account many influencing factors as capital budget, whole life cost calculations, environmental impact as well as your system’s required humidity control or the user’s level of acceptable maintenance.



Condair provides free in-house training sessions to consultants and contractors wanting to improve their knowledge of humidification or the psychrometric process.


Humidifier installation


For contractors undertaking installation, Condair can provide expert guidance and technical assistance, and even visit site during the install, to ensure a successful project.

If required, Condair’s installation engineers can install the equipment, giving you the peace of mind that the manufacturer’s expertise is being implemented directly on-site.

Humidifier commissioning


Expert humidifier commissioning is essential in obtaining the most from a humidification system. Condair offers a fully managed service and will liaise with all parties to ensure the humidifier delivers a long and efficient service life.


Humidifier maintenance


All humidifiers need regular maintenance with some systems requiring specific expertise beyond that normally available from regular FM contractors. We offer the highest level of engineering skill directly from the manufacturer, with either reactive or planned maintenance schedules.

Training in routine maintenance can also be provided to FM staff as well as consultative service visits to provide annual guidance and ensure optimum system performance and hygiene.


Humidifier spares


A dedicated spare parts division provides efficient selection and delivery of required components as well as advice on critical spares to keep on site.