Humidifiers for industrial and commercial projects

Guiding you through your industrial or commercial humidification project

Whether you have experience in humidification or if this is your first time, Condair's experts will help you every step of the way, from exploring the potential for improved productivity, reduced waste or energy consumption, through a correct product selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Condair provides a service you can trust.


Planning phase

Exploring humidification potential


Exploring the potential

An expert humidification engineer from Condair will visit your site, learn about your business and explore how humidification can help you to raise productivity and quality of your production or storage process.

Planning on practical experience


Practical experience

By visiting other comparable sites, talking to existing users and by understanding the various business needs, we increase our know how. Therefore, we will offer you the best solution based on practical experiences.

Project stages

Humidifier installation



We will provide pre-install documentation and the coordination with your installer. If requested, Condair offers also installation support.


Humidifier commissioning



To ensure the system is correctly installed and doing what it is supposed to do and by snagging any issues that might come up, Condair offers a professional commissioning.


Humidifier training


Training for operation

Our humidification expert will teach your technicians in respect to operation and maintenance issues related to your new installed Condair system.


Proven solutions


Proven solutions

Condair is able to present a large number of reference installations in almost every industrial or commercial application like in printing, textil, wood, cold rooms and many other segments.


Humidifier service


Service & maintenance

Condair offers you also continuous support after planning, installation and commissioning of your humidification solution.


Humidifier spare parts


Spares supply

Our dedicated and experienced service team will always inform you about critical spares and will guaranty a quick delivery from stock.